‘’GOOD LUCK & SUCCESS’; refers to the combination of the three gemstones Green Calcite, Amazonite and Turquoise. These crystals keep negative energy away, attract good luck and increase success. Carry them with you, place it in your room or keep it on your desk.

    Green Calcite
    Green Calcite represents pleasure and gladness. This gemstone can provide you with energy and vitality. In addition, this crystal brings calmness and compassion and also attracts love. It is renowned as the stone of good fortune and luck.

    Amazonite is also a great stone if you want something to manifest in your life. This stone will encourage you to be bold and brave, to make your dreams come true, and to keep trying until they do! Amazonite is also known as the Stone of Success and Abundance. When you have this stone in your possession, you will be attracting good fortune and good luck.

    You need Turquoise in your life because it’s a purification stone. It will effectively dispel negative energies and protect you against pollutants or negative outside influences. This crystal promotes your ambition and the energy to make your dreams a reality.

    How to use the kit:
    Put the crystals in a triangle in your home in any room or carry them with you. Enjoy the positive energies flowing through the room and around you.

    Approximate dimensions:
    Size – 5 cm.

    All stones are unique and may vary in size and color.


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