‘Happiness & Protection’; refers to the combination of the three gemstones Orange Calcite, Yellow Calcite and Blue Calcite. These crystals keep negative energy away, increase positivity and boost your vitality. Carry them with you, place it in your room or keep it on your desk.

    Orange Calcite
    Orange Calcite is an incredibly energizing and cleansing stone.Calcite has powerful cleansing energies and having one near you will clear the atmosphere of negative or harmful vibrations. This crystal is very active and is known for its properties of speeding up development and growth. It works powerfully and quickly to dispel any negative or blocked energies from your aura, leaving you feeling lighter and more optimistic about everything.
    It also gives your creativity a boost, enabling you to solve problems more quickly and find joy in your own creative pastimes. This stone will show you how you can make space for new ways of living, fresh ideas, and other sources of inspiration. It will attract money and exciting new opportunities. Orange Calcite is strongly associated with your physical body. It carries healing energies that can repair, restore, strengthen, and protect. It can boost your vitality, your sexual energy, and your ability to self-heal.

    Yellow Calcite
    This stone will clear your mind and help you access your inner wisdom. It will give you comfort and reassurance when you’re going to through tough times in your life. It will enhance your overall physical energy in a gentle manner and increase your strength and vitality. Yellow Calcite is a powerful energy cleanser. It will purify and remove toxins in your environment and in your aura, and it will increase the positive energies present! It’s a very uplifting stone that will bring about deep relaxation. Yellow Calcite will also work on the stagnant energies in your life and will boost your sense of self-worth.

    Blue Calcite
    Helps to boost the flow of energy within your body and to clear negative vibrations from its vicinity, so it’s good to keep close by. Blue calcite’s gentle protective and anti-negativity powers can give you huge benefits when you place it in your home. You can do the same thing by placing it in your bag or in a piece of luggage when you are travelling.

    How to use the kit:
    Put the crystals in a triangle in your home in any room or carry them with you. Enjoy the positive energies flowing through the room and around you.

    Approximate dimensions:
    Size – 5 cm.
    All stones are unique and may vary in size and color.

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