• This special edition star shaped crystal bowl set is just plain magical. The set includes a Selenite bowl and the Christmas Crystal Kit. ”CHRISTMAS CRYSTAL KIT” refers to the combination of  the five gemstones; Celestite, Fire & Ice Quartz, Jade, Fluorite and Infinity.


    If you are feeling disconnected from yourself, your friend, your family, your lover or the greater universe in general, then you need to welcome the uplifting energy of Celestite into your life today! Celestite will ensure that your inner world feels harmonious and balanced again. When you are able to heal your heart and mind, your exterior world will reflect these transformative shifts.

    Fire and Ice Quartz
    Fire & Ice Quartz is famous for its healing energy. It helps the body and soul reach a higher energy level, promoting spiritual manifestation and personal growth. Fire and Ice Quartz is considered one of the best stones for new beginnings.

    Jade is a protective stone that attracts good luck, friendship and strength. It stabilizes the personality and promotes self-sufficiency, soothes the mind and releases negative thoughts.

    Fluorite is a stone heralded for its spiritual detoxification abilities and tendency to transform negative energy into positive energy, boosting our mental clarity and promoting peace of mind. Providing support for all things heart and emotion-related, green fluorite is perfect for people struggling with heartbreak or grief.

    Infinity is a light green Serpentine stone. These stones remove negativity from your body, heart, mind and soul and increase your personal power. They provide healing energy that helps with peaceful sleep and relaxation.

    Approximate dimensions:
    Size – 3 cm.

    All stones are unique and may vary in size and color.

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