Ushuaïa x AM Cosmetics



My mind is filled with positive thoughts that uplift me and raise my vibration. I allow the flow of positive energy to effortlessly move through me. I light up every place that I walk into. My energy is infectious, and my soul is full of sunshine. I bring positive energy wherever I go. I am glowing, I am radiant, I am energetic.

Everything constantly exchanges energy. We experience entropy and it has an effect on what we do. A.M. COSMETICS and USHUAÏA connect through the healing energy of crystals and the Island’s inspirational air. Being connected spiritually means awareness that our true state of being goes beyond our physical form. We all share one state of existence. Together, our energies complement one another and enhance our vibes collectively. Feel the energy of A.M. COSMETICS while you’re getting ready for the magical USHUAÏA experience. 

USHUAIA, the city best known as the End of the World, gives its name to a hotel where every stay is experienced as if it were at the end of the world and beginning of everything. Citizens from all over the world come to this place in search of the most extravagant and coveted experiences. They arrive like hummingbirds, with heart rates at 90 beats per second. Tireless and insatiable. Full of energy and euphoria, always looking for more. Arriving at USHUAIA Unexpected Hotels means arriving at a place where the limits are set by the guests themselves, and where anything can happen.

A.M. COSMETICS is dedicated to crystals and positive energy.                              With A.M. COSMETICS, Anouk Matton wants to harness the healing power of crystals to boost the wearers' self-confidenceThe aim is to spread a message of self-love and the entire brand is about affirmation, finding strength in positive self-talk. Each collection contains extracts of a different crystal. When you wear A.M. COSMETICS, you'll experience the added energy of the crystals. The products are 100% paraben-free, dermatologically testes, cruelty-free and vegan. 

The Ushuaïa x AM Cosmetics kit is exclusively selected for you and includes a special crystal ‘’Red Jasper’; the stone of energy, passion, grounding and protection.  

Surround yourself with the strong, positive vibes of Red Jasper and feel energetic and empowered wherever you go.