A.M. Cosmetics

Anouk Matton

AM COSMETICS is a cosmetics brand founded by international DJ and singer Anouk Matton. Rather than a project alongside her musical career, make-up is a lifelong passion of Anouk. Based on extensive research and inspired by the exceptional powers of healing crystals, Anouk designs crystal infused cosmetics. Each collection contains extracts of a different crystal and features a distinct colour palette. With AM Cosmetics, Anouk wants to harness the healing power of crystals to boost the wearer’s self-confidence.

The brand philosophy is all about positive energy and empowers women to embrace their natural beauty and radiate with confidence. The gemstones have strong anti-ageing capacities but also bring their own specific traits, going from harmony and balance, contribution to self-love and self-acceptance to fostering self-expression, perseverance or even attracting success and wealth. All products are dermatologically tested, 100% paraben-free, cruelty-free and vegan.
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